„Muzika erdvėje” 2021 launches a competition for concepts of works

As usual, the second week of autumn – 9-12 September 2021 – will see the seventh edition of the international festival of site-specific music „Muzika erdvėje”. We invite you to send us your ideas for works to be included in the festival programme.

The topic of this year’s Music in Space is time. Although, on the one hand, time is a constant, it can also be perceived or experienced subjectively. This year, the festival invites you to analyse the relationship between space and time. Artists can reveal the concept of time from different aspects – physical, social, anthropological, psychological, philosophical or other contexts and discourses. In particular, we invite you to pay attention to how these concepts, and time itself, influence people’s everyday life, their perception of the world, and their experience of a particular space or place.

In the competition we invite you to propose ideas for site-specific sound or object-based (interdisciplinary) installations to be exhibited during the days of the festival in a public space in Vilnius city. The form, artistic means of expression or other means of creation are not limited – the most important thing is that the installation should feature the medium of sound in one form or another. The amount of up to EUR 600 is available for the realisation of the work (not including the cost of the sound equipment, if there are no special requirements for it).

Participants in the concept competition must submit an application form (DOWNLOAD) and a free-form description of their own and, if available, their team’s creative activities (CV). Additional information (detailed description, visualisations, etc.) may also be submitted at the same time to allow a more detailed understanding and evaluation of the proposed installation idea and the creator(s).

The ideas submitted to the competition will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Representation of the festival topic (1-30 points);
  • the connection between the concept of the work and the chosen space and its justification (1-20 points);
  • originality and uniqueness of the concept of the work and of the presentation of the festival topic (1-15 points);
  • the quality of the artistic realisation of the work, the connection between the concept and the chosen means of expression (1-15 points);
  • the professionalism and experience of the author(s) and the creative team (if any) in the realisation of similar (site-specific) works (1-10 points);
  • the validity and rationality of the measures proposed for the realisation of the work  (1-10 points).

The Rules of the Competition are available HERE.

Applications for the competition will be accepted until 5 July 2021 at 23:59 (CEST) by email: silvija@menogenas.lt.Submissions received after this date will not be evaluated.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact: silvija@menogenas.lt.

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